Meat Loaf / Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose


Released 20.10.2006
Discography 10th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Virgin
1. The Monster is Loose (7:12)
(#/Desmond Child/John 5/Nikki Sixx)
2. Blind as a Bat (5:50)
(#/Desmond Child/James Michael)
3. It's All Coming Back to Me Now (6:05)
(#/Jim Steinman)
4. Bad for Good (7:32)
(#/Jim Steinman)
5. Cry Over Me (4:38)
(#/Diane Warren)
6. In the Land of the Pig, the Butcher is King (5:30)
(#/Jim Steinman)
7. Monstro (1:38)
(#/Desmond Child/Elena Casals/Holly Knight)
8. Alive (4:22)
(#/Desmond Child/James Michael/Holly Knight/Andrea Remanda)
9. If God Could Talk (3:45)
(#/Desmond Child/Marti Frederiksen)
10. If it Ain't Broke, Break it (4:49)
(#/Jim Steinman)
11. What About Love (6:04)
(#/Desmond Child/Marti Frederiksen/John Gregory/Russ Irwin)
12. Seize the Night (9:46)
(#/Jim Steinman)
13. The Future Ain't What it Used to Be (7:53)
(#/Jim Steinman)
14. Cry to Heaven (2:24)
(#/Jim Steinman)
Album ID 1.451
Production Charlie Paakkari (Assistant Engineer); Corky James (Assistant Engineer); Dan Warner (Assistant Engineer); David Simoné (Executive Producer); Desmond Child (Producer); Simone G. Winston (Executive Producer); Glen Pittman (Assistant Engineer); Harry Sommerdahl (Programming); Jeff Rothschild (Assistant Engineer); Kevin Mills (Assistant Engineer); Marti Frederiksen (Assistant Engineer); Stephen Marcussen (Mastering); Steve Churchyard (Engineer); Steve Vai (Assistant Engineer); Chris Vrenna (Programming); Holly Knight (Programming)
Studio Hollywood, Capitol Studios (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Henson Recording Studios (Mixing Location/Recording Location); Marcussen Mastering (Mastering Location); Burbank, CA - O'Henry Sound Studios (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Ocean Way Recording Studios (Recording Location); Miami Beach, FL - The Gentlemen's Club Studio (Recording Location); The Mothership (Recording Location); Los Angeles, The Village Recorder (Recording Location); The Wire (Recording Location)
Band Member Meat Loaf (Vocals); Desmond Child (Vocals-Backing); Eric Troyer (Vocals-Backing); Kasim Sulton (Vocals-Backing/Bass Guitar); Storm Lee (Vocals-Backing); Corky James (Guitar-Electric); Jason Paige (Vocals-Backing); Jeanette Olsson (Vocals-Backing); Kenny Aronoff (Percussion-Various/Drums & Percussion); Mark Alexander (Organ/Piano); Matt Rollings (Piano/Organ); Todd Rundgren (Vocals-Backing); Victor Indrizzo (Drums & Percussion); Diana Grasselli (Vocals-Backing); James Michael (Vocals-Backing); Paul Crook (Guitar-Electric); Randy Flowers (Guitar-Electric); Dan Warner (Guitar-Electric); David Levita (Guitar-Electric); John Gregory (Vocals-Backing); Keely Pressly (Vocals-Backing); Clint Walsh (Guitar-Electric); Stephanie Bennett (Harp); Bettie Ross (Organ); Graham Phillips (Soprano); Andreas Carlsson (Vocals-Backing); Barbara Allen (Vocals-Backing); Bonita Brisco (Vocals-Backing); Brett Cullen (Vocals-Backing); Cheryl Brown (Vocals-Backing); Esther Austin (Vocals-Backing); Jessica Jones (Vocals-Backing); Roshuan Stovall (Vocals-Backing); Rusty Anderson (Guitar-Electric); Sandra Stokes (Vocals-Backing); Sonya Byous (Vocals-Backing); Vernon Allen (Vocals-Backing); Camille Saviola (Vocals-Backing); C.C. Coletti (Vocals-Backing); Don Marchese (Baritone Saxophone); Eric Sardinas (Guitar-Electric); Gary Grant (Trumpet); John Miceli (Drums & Percussion); Patti Russo (Vocals-Backing/Vocals); Steve Madaio (Trumpet); Tom Saviano (Tenor Saxophone); Becky Baeling (Vocals-Backing); Marti Frederiksen (Vocals-Backing); Josef Powell (Vocals-Backing); Maria Vidal (Vocals-Backing); Eric Rigler (Flute); Lee Levin (Percussion-Various)
Guest Musician John 5 (Guitar-Electric); Eric Bazilian (Guitar-Electric); Marion Raven (Vocals); Brian May (Guitar-Electric); Steve Vai (Guitar-Electric); John Shanks (Guitar-Electric); Jennifer Hudson (Vocals)

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